30 Days Dubai Visa Details

30 Days Dubai Visa Details

A 30-day, single-entry tourist visa: Dubai enables one entry into the UAE. This 30-day Dubai tourist visa allows you to enter the country for 58 days after it is issued, with two 30-day extensions available for a charge of AED 850 each.

Documents Required For Dubai Visa

A colour scan of your passport’s first and last pages is required for Dubai Visa applications. A passport with an expiration date of at least six months is also required. Your passport-size photo on a white background must be scanned as well as flight confirmation for the return flight.

Applying For Dubai Visa Through Us 

Applying for a Dubai Visa through us is easy. Use our secure payment channel to make online payments. Upload your documents there. We examine your documentation and provide it to you. Get your visa.

How To Get A Dubai Visa

We offer a fantastic, efficient, and painless Visa Facilitation service. We have a team of Visa Experts who are highly qualified and dedicated to handling all of your Dubai Visa application needs. Your application will be monitored by a visa expert throughout the entire visa application process.

Tell our visa expert about your trip and ask any questions you have. After paying the visa fee, submit your documents using our secure online document vault to protect your privacy. After reviewing your supporting documentation, our visa specialist will submit your application to the Embassy. Apply for your digital visa.

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Visa Services

A visa issued for a visit, business, transit, or tourist is not valid for employment in the country of destination. Our website retains the right to reject applications at its discretion and disclaims all responsibility for visa application rejections. The applicant is responsible for covering any additional costs, such as document courier, picture development, attestation, etc.

Basic Requirements To Visit Dubai

You must be able to persuade the immigration official that you would be motivated to return to your country of origin if you had a family, home, or other assets. Own a valid passport and a valid visa for Dubai; Be in excellent physical and moral health.

Travel Checklist

  • A passport, a confirmed return ticket, Dubai currency.
  • Confirmed hotel reservations, if any;
  • A smartphone that hasn’t been locked;
  • Contact information for your family, friends, or business associates in Dubai;
  • A valid visa to Dubai.

What To Do In Dubai After Arrival

A passport, a valid Dubai visa, and any other necessary travel documents should be kept on hand in case an immigration official requests to see them. Make careful to remain with the flight attendant in responsibility of your safety if you are an unaccompanied youngster. Immediately notify the airline crew if you have any questions.

Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures and adopting a contemporary and futuristic outlook, it hasn’t lost sight of its history. The oldest section of the city, Al-Fahidi, has been properly conserved and serves as a reflection of earlier times. The traditional souks are just as entertaining as the contemporary malls. IMG Worlds of Adventure is the place to unleash your inner child.

Dubai Visa FAQs

How much bank balance is necessary for a visa to Dubai?

ALL of the company’s partners and owners must sign the letter (as shown in the trade license).

  • A replica of a trade licence.
  • A copy of the UAE visa page and the passport of EVERY partner/owner.
  • A corporate bank statement that is three months old and has an original bank stamp with a minimum amount of at least AED 3,000.

What are the Dubai visa requirements?

With the applicants’ regular passports, you can get a visa on arrival for 30 days starting from the entrance date. A total of 60 days from the arrival date, the visa’s validity may be extended. Your passports must be typical documents with a minimum remaining validity of six months.

Do visas for Dubai get rejected?

If you have an unskilled occupation listed on your passport, such as farmer, labourer, or anything similar, your application for a UAE visa may be denied. visas for applicants with a history of fraud, dishonesty, or other violations in the UAE.