Canada Tour With Visa From Ahmedabad

Canada Tour With Visa From Ahmedabad is an enjoyable way to spend your vacation. Plan to explore Canada today if you are from Ahmedabad! Canada is one of the most happening countries in the world. Due to the increasing demand for Canada tour with visa from Ahmedabad, business or pleasure travel rates are rising. For many visa seekers, visiting Niagara Falls is an ideal part of their Canadian tour. Since it is one of the most beautiful places in this country, that gives a wonderful opportunity for a family event or leisurely vacation.

City: Toronto

Canada is a country that has various attractions. There is Niagara Falls, the Canadian Rockies, and the city of Toronto. Thus, the city of Toronto is world-renowned for its architecture, movie-making industry, and the food that it produces. And it is also known as the financial capital of Canada. The famous CN Tower, which takes visitors up to 434 meters high was opened in 1976. The tower stands in the middle of downtown Toronto, so it commands views of possible passes throughout the city.

Toronto: The Capital

Toronto was named the ‘World’s Most Liveable City’ in 2005, 2009, 2011, and 2012. The city is not only beautiful, but it also has many historical places. It also has rich culture and traditions to keep you amazed.

A visit to the Toronto Islands will allow you to have a boat ride and learn about some of the historical places before you take a trip to some islands with tourist sightseeing facilities. There are other interesting things to do. Such as shopping at various shopping malls and walking around the streets of downtown Toronto. Which is very popular among young people.

Canada Visa Service In Ahmedabad

We are one of the best Canada Tour with visa from Ahmedabad in India. Our Canadian Visa Service In Ahmedabad is concerned and offers a wide range of services. Dazzling Travel Planner has years of experience providing visa services and will provide the best possible services to our valued clients.

Types Of Canadian Visas

1. Study Visa

A study visa is the best option for students pursuing higher studies in Canada. We provide study visa services at a reasonable cost.

2. Work Permit

A work permit is another kind of Canadian visa through which skilled or semi-skilled workers can get a permit to work in Canada even after completing their studies. Through this program, workers can get a chance to work as permanent residents of Canada if they fulfill the eligibility criteria and need to undergo exhaustive paperwork to apply for it.

3. Business Visa

A business visa is one of the most sought-after types of visas by businessmen from Ahmedabad and other cities as it gives them the freedom to work anywhere in Canada.

4. Family Visa

A family visa is issued to the immediate family members of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, allowing them to reunite with their loved ones.

5. Permanent Residence Visa/ PR Card

A permanent Residence visa is issued for the applicant who has received a Job Offer from a Canadian employer. And he/ she can apply for the Canada PR card.

We assist our clients in the best possible manner and help them get a Canada PR card. By providing relevant documents in time. So you may have your PR Card before landing in your destination city. Which will be easier for you to settle down in that place as a new immigrant.

Canada Visitor Visa

In addition to obtaining a Canada Visitor Visa, the applicant must first have a valid passport valid for at least 1 month after the travel. And at least 2 blank pages are available for stamping. Additionally, the applicant must have cash or bank statements as proof of funds. Indicating that he/she can bear the expenses of travel to Canada and staying there. Secondly, the Applicant should also have a letter from someone in Canada who invited him/her and will meet him/her at his/her destination.

Canada Tourist Visa

The applicant must also have proof of hotel reservation in Canada or any other means of transportation to reach the destination, for instance. Similarly, they should have a return ticket and visa fees. After that, proof of funds to bear the expenses of his/her travel, stay and return back, such as bank statements and letters from a bank manager stating that you are financially stable.

The Documents Needed To Apply For A Canada Tour With Visa from Ahmedabad

  1. Passport Proof: The applicant must have a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity, for instance. For Eg: if the applicant’s passport issuing date is January 1, 2015, similarly, the passport must have at least June 1, 2016, as its expiry date.
  2. 2 Passport Copies: Two photocopies of the passport and the visa application to Canada Visa Service In Ahmedabad.
  3. Receipts of Visa Fees: Receipts of visa fees paid (including courier charges). After that attach it to the visa application while submitting
  4. Photocopy of Passport: Mail the photocopy of the passport with the Canada Tour With Visa from Ahmedabad application.

In Conclusion. Our visa service can help you apply for Canada Tour With Visa from Ahmedabad. We at Dazzling Travel Planner provide visa services to clients who need visas to travel to Canada