Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo: All You Need to Know

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo -Guinness World Record holder, and home to the biggest collection of Sand Tiger sharks, Dubai Aquarium and is truly one of its kind. And you cannot miss out on the Underwater Zoo if you are visiting. It holds over 180 underwater aquatic life species which will offer you amazing insights into underwater life leaving you mesmerised! 

Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium has a gigantic 10 million litre tank which holds over 33,000 marine life creatures. And the main tank is 51m long and 20m broad with 11m in height. It’s one of the very few biggest suspended aquariums on the globe.

It’s one of the most visited sites in Dubai where tourists of all age groups enjoy. You will walk through the tunnel of the aquarium and feast your eyes with the aquarium’s sand tiger sharks accompanying you overhead.

Underwater Zoo 

The zoo is split up in 3 different zones: Rainforest, Living Ocean and Rocky Shore. It would take you approximately 1-2 hours to discover the whole zoo. If you also happen to go for a Glass Bottom Boat ride there, it will add extra 15-20 minutes to your time.

 If you are going with your kids we can arrange this as it will have a mermaid makeover and snorkelling cage. The star sight of the whole zoo is the King Croc. Which weighs almost 750 KGs measures almost 5 metres long.

How to Reach There 

If you want to view it for free, you can watch it from within Dubai Mall. Although, if you don’t want to peek a boo but rather dive in, you will have to pay for the facilities there. There are various costs at the Dubai Aquarium and the tourists can choose which cost to go with. The tickets start from a basic fee of AED169 to all the way at AED299 per head. 


It’s open all days of the week, throughout the year. The timings are 10am- 10pm on weekdays and 10am- 12 pm on weekends. Though the Dubai Mall timings are 10am- 10 pm.

Things to Do at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo 

These are not just activities for fun and adventure but they are also educational. They spread awareness of and importance about preserving marine wildlife.

1. Feed the Sharks 

At none other than Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Arena, the visitors get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of feeding the sharks (in literal sense). You can get close with them and feed them yourself! 

You don’t need previous experience for it, you just need to strap your gear on and the rest of the team will guide you. They will lurk some sharks out with bait in the bucket. It’s an excellent activity to learn the eating and behavioural habits of sharks. 

2. Shark Dives 

This activity will make you fall in love with the ocean all over again. You will take a deep dive in the depths of Dubai Aquarium where you will encounter not only small fishes but big stingrays too! Experiance some gigantic 750-pound sharks. 

Also, you don’t need to be a certified diver to perform this adventurous activity, all you have to do is gather some courage, listen to the instructions and enjoy!

3. Cage Snorkelling 

Another amazing activity, a meet-and-greet with the stars of Dubai Aquarium itself! Here you get professional snorkelling gear, kept in a safe cage where you will be allowed to witness animals in their action.  This allows you to safely explore the water baby in you while you closely observe clownfish, sharks, crocodiles, stingrays and what not!

4. Scuba Diving 

If you always wanted to go scuba diving but never did, this is the perfect opportunity for you. You will get an overview with instructions prior to the dive by the professionals. After that, you will get the necessary equipment and then you will be ready to dive! This scuba diving experience is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. After all, you will surely leave you spellbound with the enchanting views of marine life!

Note:  Dubai and Underwater Zoo Aquarium – All of the above activities are safe and are only done under licensed expert supervision with all the needed equipment and safety.

So what are you waiting for? Call us at Dazzling Travel Planners, pack your bags and get ready to book yourself a sight of a lifetime: amidst summer with vibrant corals, big sharks and beautiful marine flora and fauna!