Dubai Tour Packages for Couples

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With luxurious hotels, beautiful beaches, and exciting adventures, it will be a definite highlight of your vacation. 

Imagine yourself spending a romantic evening on the beach with your significant other as you gaze up at the stars or watch surfers do their thing on the waves below you. Or how about dropping into a private show at one of Dubai’s world-class nightclubs? Or what about going to watch professional dancers from all over the Middle East perform traditional dances?

There are many inexpensive Dubai tour packages for couples that can make for an exciting stay there. No need to worry about being bored either. Travellers have stayed in Dubai to attend a variety of sporting events, cultural and historical festivals, shopping adventures, and more.

Reasons to Visit Dubai as a Couple

  1. It is a luxurious holiday destination.
  2. It has family-friendly activities too! 
  3. Dubai is home to the world’s largest indoor ski slope and much more
  4. There are plenty of romantic things to do in Dubai, but it’s also very family-friendly so all members of the family will be happy
  5. Exotic Food and Dancing – try some hot spicy mezze dishes or enjoy an evening at one of many nightclubs! 
  6. Dubai is a great honeymoon destination that’s safe and accessible to all ages. Check out our Dubai honeymoon package for the same.
  7. There’s a beach within easy reach of the city and it’s cool enough for you to enjoy without boiling! 
  8. It’s not too hot in Dubai as the weather is cooler than in other places in the region! 
  9. Dubai offers plenty of free attractions too! These include museums, cultural activities, and public parks.

Dubai Tour Packages for Couple 

  1. Dubai Day Tour

The first stop will be the Gold Souk, a marketplace known for its jewellery, coins, and other valuables. It’s called the gold souk because it is home to many gold merchants. The next stop will be the Spice Souk or Spice Market. As you walk up and down its narrow streets, you will find yourself surrounded by fragrant aromas coming from a variety of spices that make this an exotic place indeed. Visit a small factory where you will learn about the processes of making these aromatic spices in a very interesting way. A visit to Dubai’s most renowned landmark, The Dubai Fountain will be next on your list.

  1. Dubai Super Sightseeing Tour

The marina will be your first stop. This is where you will find all the big yachts and pleasure boats, as well as their respective crews. You will also get a chance to see the many superyachts that are international celebrities and their crews too. The Dubai Mall was built with the intention of being an architectural wonder and it has succeeded in fulfilling that vision. After which, you should go to the Atlantis Hotel for its famous nightlife, where there are many great places for nightlife such as a ” Rehab “.

  1. Dubai Dolphinarium

If you love swimming with dolphins and marine animals, then this is going to be an exciting treat for you. This dolphinarium takes pride in housing over 20 dolphins and is one of few places in the world where the dolphins are able to be fed live fish through a hole in their lagoon. This makes it the best place to experience dolphin shows anywhere and this is how you will be able to unlock your love for marine animals.

  1. Visit Bur Dubai Heritage Village

This is a heritage village that was built as a part of a hotel complex and it is home to several buildings from Dubai’s past. It also houses museums that display artefacts such as tombstones, antique carriages, old boats, and furniture from different parts of the world. You will get to learn more about life in Dubai over the past while taking walks through its ancient streets. It is also home to many historical monuments and buildings, including the oldest mosque in Dubai. Finally, you will be given a chance to explore its beautiful souk (market).

  1. Dubai Desert Safari Adventure Tour

Dubai Desert Safari Adventure Tour is your choice if you want an exciting desert tour at night. It will take you on a journey through the desert by foot where you will have an opportunity to visit several sites and hear fascinating stories about the Bedouines’ way of life. You will also stop at an oasis to sip some cool beverages and get a chance to try some dessert delicacies. 

In Dubai, you are sure to find a place where you can spend quality time with your significant other. There are rock climbing places, football stadiums, restaurants big enough to hold many people, parks where you can sit in lots of trees while reading a book under the stars; and so much more that is going on in Dubai. Book your Dubai tour packages for couples today!