Dubai Travel Costs And Budget

Dubai Travel Costs And Budget

In this blog, Dazzling Travel Planners will tell you about Dubai travel costs and budget. We not only offer tips on how to save money and get the best for your buck when in Dubai but also offer the best and most affordable travel packages for all sorts of people and groups. While Dubai is often seen as the “Vegas in the Desert,” there are a large number of things to do here. There is a depth to the city that its popular image doesn’t accurately portray. It’s a city trapped between the old and the new. A place in a conservative culture with old-world customs while at the same time it is a Middle-Eastern Vegas. This Dubai travel costs and budget guide will tell you how to make the most of your visit to Dubai while also saving money.

Dubai Travel And Budgeting Tips

Everyone wants to go all out when they are on vacation, but at the same time, they also want to save money. While there are many luxury places for people who don’t have a budget. If you are on a budget, you can still have an experience like no other and still end up with money to spare. For starters, a place to live is the most important thing when on a trip. It is somewhere you will come after a long day of exploring, so it has to be comfortable. For such an experience, our Dubai travel costs and budget guide have some pocket-friendly options for you. They are, as such:

  • Hostels

Hostels are basically a bed in a dorm room with 6–8 beds. It costs around 80 AED per night. Free Wi-Fi is a standard in all hostels. But for a private room with an ensuite bathroom, expect to pay around 175 AED per night.

  • Budget Hotels

Budget two-star hotels start at 285 AED in peak season. But if you plan to go during the off-season, budget rooms cost around 90 AED. In addition, you can expect basic amenities such as a TV, a tea/coffee maker, and an AC. That is to say, there are also a lot of Airbnb options in Dubai. A private room there averages about 165 AED per night, while entire homes and apartments start at 350 AED.

Another necessity is food. Popular dishes in Dubai include hummus, shawarma, shish tawook, and knafeh. That is to say, a meal out costs around 65 AED, while dinner for two with drinks usually averages around 190-250 AED. But for fast food like McDonald’s, expect to pay around 30 AED for a combo meal. Here are some prices of common food items that everyone likes. A large pizza costs around 45 AED, while Chinese food is around 50 AED. A beer is about 45 AED and a latte or cappuccino is around 19 AED. In addition, if you cook your own food, expect to pay around 500 AED per week for groceries, including pasta, vegetables, chicken, and other basic staples.

Dubai Backpacking Budgets

Dazzling Travel Planner’s Dubai travel costs and budget guide has something for backpackers as well! Let’s say that a backpacker’s average budget is 260 AED per day. With that budget, you can stay in a hostel, cook all your meals, take public transportation to get around, skip drinking and do mostly free activities. In addition, if you plan on drinking, you will need to add 40–80 AED extra per day. In addition, on a mid-range budget of 770 AED per day, one can stay in a cheap hotel or Airbnb. You can eat out at cheaper/non-expat restaurants, have a couple of drinks, take the occasional taxi to get around, and do a couple of paid attractions, such as a desert safari.

On a luxury budget of 1,425 AED, you can stay in a fancy hotel, eat out for every meal, drink as much as you like, go out for brunch, take paid tours, visit the Burj Khalifa, and even rent a car for some day trips. That is to say, the sky is the limit here! You must keep in mind that these are daily averages and that on some days you may spend more or less. That is to say, this is just a general idea of how to make your budget.

Money-Saving Tips For Dubai

Our final stop in the Dubai travel costs and budget guide will be giving you some money-saving tips for Dubai. Dubai is an expensive city. You will spend a lot of money if you hang out in malls and restaurants that cater to expats.That is to say, there are a few ways you can cut costs so you don’t blow your budget. Here are some quick Dubai money-saving tips:

  • Use Groupon

Groupon is huge in Dubai. That is to say, you can find a lot of discounts, 2-for-1 specials, and deals on the website. If there is something you want to do, check there first as there is a high chance that you will find a discount.

  • Get The Entertainer

The Entertainer is a magazine and app that offers discounts and specials on restaurants, hotels, and activities. Pick up a copy when you arrive in Dubai. It is not cheap as it costs around 395 AED, but sometimes you can find the app for 50% off or get a free trial. If you plan to see and do a lot, it will be worth the price.

  • Find Happy Hours

Dubai is full of happy hours. That is to say, plan your drinking accordingly and avoid the city’s high-priced drinks. Outside of the happy hours and all-you-can-eat brunches, drinking is expensive, so if you are on a budget, go easy on drinking or skip it altogether outside of happy hours.

  • Eat In Old Dubai

Step away from the hotels, malls, and fancy souks meant to make you think you are in Aladdin, and head into Old Dubai for cheap eats. That is to say, meals at restaurants in this area cost less than 85 AED. In addition, half the charm of Dubai is in its street food.

  • Pick Accommodations Near The Metro

Make sure your accommodation is near a metro stop. That is to say, you don’t want to be walking around unnecessarily when it is scorching hot and public transportation is much cheaper than taxis.

  • Bring A Reusable Water Bottle

Tap water is safe to drink in Dubai, so bring a reusable water bottle to reduce your single-use plastic usage. This way, you can cut down on the cost of repeatedly having to buy bottled water.

We hope that our Dubai travel costs and budget guide will help you on your trip along with our affordable travel packages.