Malaysia Tour With Visa From Ahmedabad

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Malaysia is the second most populated country in the world, with a population of roughly 30 million. It is located on the South China Sea, facing Vietnam and Thailand, and consists of three main geographic regions: Peninsular Malaysia, East Malaysia, and Sabah. Kuala Lumpur is home to the capital city of Malaysia.

Malaysia has a diverse landscape, from the tropical rainforests on the east coast to hot, arid deserts on the north. Kuala Lumpur is renowned for its shopping streets and is a fine place to spend time if you have some extra money to spare.

Malaysia boasts beautiful scenery and exotic beaches. However, it’s not all sandy beaches and palm trees – it also has some of Asia’s most polluted rivers! Malaysia Tour With Visa From Ahmedabad will have you laughing at these lovable locals.

Types Of Malaysian Visas

1. Visa On Arrival

This is the easiest type of Malaysian visa to get, which can be obtained when you arrive in Malaysia by air, sea, or land. It’s valid for 30 days but can be extended for another 30 days. There is an extra fee of RM30 if you want to extend your visa for another month.

2. Business Visa

If you are going to stay here for more than six months and want to establish a business here, then a Business Visa is probably the type of visa you will need. You do not have to have full-time employment in Malaysia, but you must have tax control certificates from your home country before applying for this visa. The process takes about two weeks and will cost roughly RM1500 (US$500) on top of all the additional documents.

3. Residence Visa

This visa is for you when you want to stay indefinitely in Malaysia. However, before you apply for it, you must have a Business Visa first. The Residence Visa is for those who already have a business here and have set up a business within the last five years. It cannot be obtained by people who have just arrived in Malaysia on tourist visas. The application process takes about one month and costs roughly RM3000 (US$1000).

4. Study/Work Visa

If you travel to Malaysia to study or work there, get a work or study visa from the Malaysian immigration office directly at the airport when you enter Malaysia via air or sea mode of transportation.

Malaysian Visitor Visa

This is the type of visa that most people get before entering the country from their home country. It is a single entry visa and allows you to enter Malaysia for up to 30 days. It is valid for 6 months, and there are no extensions available. The visa costs RM80 (US$21).

Malaysian Tourist Visa

You must apply for a Tourist Visa before arriving in Malaysia and fill out the application form according to the instructions given by the Malaysian immigration office. The processing time varies from country to country, but it generally takes about two weeks.

A Tourist Visa is valid for 30 days. If you plan on staying longer, you must get a Malaysian Multiple Entry Visa and apply for it when you book your flight tickets.

The Documents Needed To Apply For Malaysia Tour With Visa From Ahmedabad

1. Passport

A passport is required when you apply for a tourist or work visa. Your passport must be valid for another six months after the travel dates listed on your visa application.

2. Flight Tickets

One of the requirements when applying for a Malaysia Tour With Visa From Ahmedabad is to have round-trip flight tickets, with proof of purchase such as booking confirmation, airline or travel agent brochures, and itineraries. All flights must be through Malaysia Airlines, MAS Cargo, Air Asia, or other approved Malaysian airlines, and you may not fly from one country to another before arriving in Malaysia.

3. Letter of Invitation

The letter of invitation, which must be written by the company or individual inviting you to the country, must contain all your contact information, including your full name, address, and telephone number.

It should also state that you are going on a non-business visit and that the sponsor will be in touch with you once you arrive in Malaysia and will assist you in getting settled into the country. This is required only if applying for a Residence Visa or Business Visa.

4. A Copy Of Your Passport Photo Page

You must submit a copy of your passport photo page with your visa application and a photocopy of all four corners of each page.

5. Two Clear, Separate Photographs – (1) Head To Be Taken In Malaysia and (2) Current Photo At Home

You must submit two photos, one of which should be taken in Malaysia and one at home. Both photos must be taken within the last six months and in color.

Malaysia is a safe and mesmerizing destination for everyone. A Malaysia tour with Visa from Ahmedabad is all you need to get away from the city lights and treat yourself!