Thailand Tour With Visa From Ahmedabad

Thailand Tour With Visa From Ahmedabad

Travelling has been the buzzword of the past few years. The world is getting smaller and smaller, with colorful cultures and a thousand stories to tell. Thailand is one of these cultural countries, with something for everyone. A place where you can experience every type of culture in the world all at once with a Thailand tour with visa from Ahmedabad.

The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is a lovely blend of old and new. The most famous sites in Bangkok have the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre, the National Museum, and the Grand Palace. This is also where you’ll find the famous shopping districts of Siam Square, Silom, and Ratchadamri Road.

Thailand Visa Service in Ahmedabad 

The Thai embassy in India is located in New Delhi. You need to contact the embassy office through the website before coming to India or returning. There are many categories of visas and each type has its own rules, regulations on how to process your application, etc.

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Types Of Thailand Visas

  1. Tourist visa – This is the most common visa you will get from the Thai embassy in India.
  1. Business visit visa (B-Visa) – Issued for visitors attending a business seminar, conference, meeting, investor, or short-term employment in Thailand by an organization based in Thailand. B-Visas must be processed through the Thai embassy in your home country before entering Thailand Tour With Visa From Ahmedabad.

You can apply for this type of visa as long as you meet all the criteria and are over 18 years old. Valid permits are required to board anywhere within Thailand by air and sea.

  1. Social/Cultural visa – Issued to applicants who wish to visit relatives, attend a social or cultural function, and/or conduct research. The Social/Cultural visa must be applied for at the Thai embassy in your home country before entry into Thailand. You need to be over 18 years old to apply.

Some countries eligible for this type of visa include India, Indonesia, Singapore, and Nepal. Please check with the Thai embassy before you apply if your country is also eligible for this type of visa. Valid permits are needed to board anywhere within Thailand by air and sea.

  1. Transit visa – Issued for passengers who need to pass through Thailand on their way to another country (e.g. flight to Myanmar, Japan, or Australia). This visa is usually valid for two weeks and can be extended up to three months.
  1. Specialized visa (e.g. business, media, etc.) – These visas are issued for the specific purpose the applicant is visiting Thailand (e.g. journalists or those involved in cultural activities). A separate application is needed for each purpose of traveling to Thailand.

The application must be made at the Thai embassy in your home country before entry into Thailand and only can be granted if both conditions are fulfilled (i.e. applicant has the correct visa category according to the law of Thailand, and activities to be carried out fit the purpose).

  1. Thai Family Visa – Issued to family members of Thai nationals or former Thai residents who are not eligible for citizenship. Applicants must have a sponsor living in Thailand who is either a Thais citizen or permanent resident and can prove both applicants’ entitlement to stay in Thailand. As well as their relationship with the sponsor if this is a family relation visa. Those applying for business, employment, education, and other visas must meet the requirements for their specific category.

Thailand Visitor Visa

A traveller needs a visitor visa who is not entitled to stay in Thailand for indefinite periods. Tourists can either apply for a two-trip tourist visa or a single-trip visa depending on their purpose of travelling.

Tourist-Only Visa – Issued to tourists who want to come to Thailand for only one trip within six months.

Two-Trip Visa – Issued to tourists who want to come and go from Thailand within six months as both a two-trip tourist visa and a single journey tourist visa. This is permitted only if the travellers have been to Thailand within six months of the last entry and will be departing the country within six months after arriving at that time.

Thailand Tourist Visa

Single entry visa – Valid for 30 days and allows exit and re-entry to Thailand. For a longer stay, you can extend the visa once you have entered the country. The single journey tourist visa is issued for one trip only.

Double-entry visa – Valid for 60 days. For a longer stay, you can extend the visa once you have entered the country.

Documents Needed To Apply For A Thailand Tour With Visa From Ahmedabad

  1. Original passport with at least 6 months’ validity
  1. One visa application form filled out completely (including your number of stay days and how you will pay for the trip)
  1. Two passport-sized photos (4x6cm) taken in the last six months
  1. Proof of legal status in your home country (valid visa – if required, work permit, or permanent residency card)
  1. Visa fee payment receipt for $20 US dollars payable to “Royal Thai Embassy” in US Dollars only. Money order or bank draft is acceptable in Thailand is acceptable, if you are unable to pay in cash
  1. Letter of request (NO. 3): Request to extend your current visa. Only Thai nationals or Thais long-term residents in Thailand can do this.
  1. Visa extension under company/organization (NO. 5): This is for employers who want to extend the stay of a foreign national for more than 30 days and it must be approved by the foreign employer and submitted before the expiry date of your previous visa. 

Thailand tourist visas Online application fee at the local embassy office in Delhi is Rs 3000/- (USD 40) per application. It includes legal fees and scans, minor overheads, etc.

Thailand is a safe and soothing destination for everyone. A Thailand tour with Visa from Ahmedabad is all you need to get away from the city lights and treat yourself! Get your details about Thailand Tour with Visa from Ahmedabad today!