Things to Do in Gir Gujarat

Things to do in Gir Gujarat – The cities that are in Gujarat are Ahmedabad, Surat, and Vadodara. Most foreigners know about Ahmedabad’s Gandhi ashram and the Sabarmati Riverfront, but there is plenty to see in the other two cities. The Dandi Heritage Walk project includes a stop at both Lothal (where India’s first port was established) and Dholavira (one of India’s largest Harappan settlements).

If you’re more interested in food than history, try the vegetarian fare at a Gujarati Thali restaurant or sample some sweet delicacies such as Jalebi–a fried dough soaked in sugar syrup. Check out our list of things to do in Gir Gujarat to make your stay even more exciting!

Things to Do in Gir Gujarat


  1. Gir Forest: The forest provides refuge to the endangered Asiatic lion, deer, and leopard. Lions are particularly active during the day, so make sure you go early in the morning or late in the evening to have a chance of spotting one without too much trouble. You may be able to spot a tiger too if you’re lucky!
  1. Noor Mahal: A traditional Gujarati home that has now become a museum showcasing local art, textiles, and crafts. The palace is surrounded by a massive mango garden and its terrace commands views of Gir Forest
  1. Bhavnath Temple: The temple of Lord Shiva is a must-visit, with its various levels, shrines, and balconies. The temple’s visit is an experience in itself.
  1. Bhensrod Fort: This fort’s primary claim to fame is its musical fountain show, which the locals’ claim is Asia’s largest musical fountain show! Also worth checking out are its hilltop fort, Lake Sarovar and Hussain Tekri Palace.
  1. Lakhota Museum: This museum houses 400 exhibits, including some ancient artefacts like weapons preserved here since the 7th century. The museum is the first of its kind in India and is worth a visit for history enthusiasts.


  1. Architecture: The city is famous for its Indo-Gothic-styled buildings. The best place to check these out is the area that surrounds the City Hall, including Gulbai Tekra, Rani Sipri’s Mosque, and Gota’s Palace.
  1. Shopping: Ahmedabad has its fair share of fabric markets and jewelry shops. Make a trip to Sarkhej Roza if you are interested in architecture and want to see an excellent example of Baroque architecture in India.
  1. Bhadra Fort: This fort is situated on the outskirts of the city. It has a history of being “the most beautiful and well-fortified city”. The fort is also known for its twin Gopurams (gateways) which are built in the shape of a lotus.
  1. Panchganga Ghat: This ghat has been built over the course of 1,000 years and was once used by Mahatma Gandhi for his daily walks! The ghat has retained its original charm and is today adorned by a huge statue of Hanuman, all set to be completed in 2019.
  1. Sabarmati Ashram: The ashram is where Mahatma Gandhi stayed during his visits to Ahmedabad in Gujarat. The ashram also includes a museum where you can view photographs of the great man as well as meet some of his closest companions.
  1. Gandhi Ashram: The ashram is located 2.5 km from the Sabarmati Riverfront and is marked by a large statue of Gandhi. The ashram also houses a school, a library, and a museum.
  1. Nadiad – Home to several colorful temples. The town is best known for being the birthplace of Phulji Maharaj, a saint considered to be one of the most important religious personalities in Gujarat.
  1. Surat: This city has a number of must-see sights, such as the Dandi Beach front and the Manasarovar Lake, which are well known for their picturesque scenery. The city also boasts of having been home to many historical figures from this region such as Laxmanrao Ganpatrao Pandya and Chokhamela.
  1. Dholavira: A site of archaeological significance. Dholavira is located about 200km from Surat and was the capital of the Indus Valley Civilization.
  1. Thaltej: This place is best known for being a major trading center with an area of 30 km2 and remains inhabited almost 500 years ago. During its heyday in the 16th and 17th century, Thaltej was widely known and respected as a great commercial center in Gujarat.


The cities in Gujarat are very beautiful and very clean. The people are extremely kind and friendly, especially the women in Gujarat. The water is a little bit salty, but when you go to the city of Vadodara it is more like drinking water than anything. Gir & Gujarat have a lot of cultures, but the most important thing about these places is that there are people who believe what they say! So what are you waiting for? Try one of these things to do in Gir Gujarat!