Top Free Things Not To Miss In Dubai

Top Free Things Not To Miss In Dubai

Nowhere else in the Middle East is like Dubai. It’s unlike everywhere else on the planet, in fact. When compared to its earlier days as a fishing port, this city has undergone a major change. Some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world are situated where the desert meets the sea. The Burj Al Arab is the city’s most iconic landmark, but its beaches also draw hordes of sun-seeking visitors throughout the year. You can find cultural history if you go outside of the shopping centers and boulevards lined with stores, particularly at the Al Fahidi Fort, which is the oldest structure in Dubai.

Dubai is surely known as the city of the Gold. Here’s the list of the top free things not to miss in Dubai.

Free Entry At Camel Museum

One of the areas to explore free attractions in Dubai is the Camel Museum, which is located in the Al Shindagha area. The history of camels in the United Arab Emirates, their connection to Arabian culture, camel racing, and the anatomy of camels are all covered in various areas of the museum. One of the nicest free things to do in Dubai is this.

Explore Modern Artwork At Alserkal Avenue 

Thanks to Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal’s vision, contemporary art from the Middle East and beyond has a home at Alserkal Avenue in Dubai. A vast warehouse complex in dusty Al Quoz has been changed into a vibrant gallery and cultural campus by a local developer and art lover. In addition to restaurants, cafes, clothing and homeware boutiques, a vintage automobile showroom, and even a fitness center, Alserkal Avenue also features a number of galleries that are free to view.

Indulge In The Charismatic Experience Of Free Movie Under The Stars

You wouldn’t want to go out on a Sunday night while visiting Dubai to see a movie, would you? But because it’s free and you get to watch it under the stars, it ranks as one of the must-do free things to do in Dubai for every visitor.

Gaze Infinity Tower Cost-Free

Infinity Tower is needless to say, one of the top free things not to miss in Dubai for sure. Infinity Tower, also known as Cayan Tower, is a modern architectural wonder that took the term “putting a twist” a little too seriously. The dynamic and twisted shape of this luxurious residential skyscraper twists 90 degrees over the course of its height. It has defied the traditional architectural trends in the city and made it one of the most photographed structures in Dubai. Almost all observers are in awe of this Dubai monument’s different and futuristic style.

Explore The Coin Museum To Learn About Ancient Money.

Anyone interested in rare and old coins will find The Coin Museum to be an amazing museum. This little eight-room museum, which is next to the Diwan Mosque in the Al Fahidi Historical District, has almost 500 rare coins from countries all across the Middle East, including Egypt, Turkey, and Morocco. The earliest coins date to the 7th century, an Arab-Sasanian period.

Admire the engineering at the Sheikh Zayed Bridge Waterfall and the Dubai Canal.

The Dubai Canal, which was completed in 2016, is an engineering marvel that forms a horseshoe-shaped link between the Gulf and the mouth of Dubai Creek. The lit and rhythmic waterfall that falls down both sides of Sheikh Zayed Bridge from 7 pm to 10 pm, stopping only for passing vessels, is a highlight of a walk here. A sidewalk suitable for jogging and walking follows both banks.

Coffee Museum To Adore For Free

If you enjoy coffee, you must stop by this coffee shop in Dubai. You can enter for free and are then taken to a world of coffee. You may learn about the origins of coffee and sample a variety of varieties inside the museum. One of the top free activities in Dubai is this. One of the free attractions in Dubai, it also contains everything related to coffee, such as books and more.

Free Abra Boat Riding

If you’re wondering about the top free things not to miss in Dubai, then try riding an abra boat in Dubai Creek if you’re looking for inexpensive things to do in Dubai. Small wooden boats called “abra boats” are well known for giving inexpensive tours. The two stations where you can board a boat and ride while taking in the magnificent sights of the creek’s surrounds are Dubai Old Souq and Dubai Gold Souq.

Visit the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary to observe birds

The surprise Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary on Dubai Creek, which is oddly surrounded by roads. It is the most important resting place for migrating waterbirds on the east Africa-west Asia flyway. Keen birdwatchers can find more than 170 species in this collage of salt flats, mudflats, mangroves, and lagoons. Although gracious pink flamingos steal the show in the winter.

The refuge is open to the public and has three accessible hides (platforms) with amazing binoculars. Pacific golden plovers and broad-billed sandpipers are frequently seen. Great spotted eagles and other raptors may be sweeping the skies throughout the winter.

Now that you are aware that Dubai is not all about luxury, here are the top free things not to miss in Dubai. There are lots of activities in Dubai that are free. Plan your Dubai vacation and engage in these activities to make sure your trip won’t drain your finances too much.