USA Tour With Visa from Ahmedabad

Suppose you’re planning a family vacation in the United States and would like to visit Disneyland, watch videos of street performers and ride cars on a track at Epcot, or get your free milkshake from Burger King. In that case, applying for a USA Tour Visa might be for you.

Visa application approval is limited to those who plan to visit the United States only within 90 days after their application has been approved. However, this won’t matter if you have an invitation letter from an American citizen residing in the US that says they will serve as your sponsor during your stay.

An invitation letter must include details such as names of visitors present and duration of stay. Some documents are required for the invitation letter, including a photocopy of the sponsor’s driver’s license and a photocopy of their latest bank statement.

USA Visa Service In Ahmedabad

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Types Of USA Visas

1. Work and Travel Visa

The Work and Travel Visa is issued to participate in an exchange program in which an employer hires a foreign worker to work for a period of one year or less. This visa will allow the holder to stay in America for up to two years.

2. US Student Visa

A US student visa, also known as an F1 student visa, is issued to any foreign student pursuing higher education in the United States. It allows you to study at any accredited school, like a college, university, or vocational training institute. After completing your course duration (usually one year), you can return back home with this type of visa.

3. US Professional Student Visa

This type of visa is issued to any foreign student who will study at an accredited educational institution (college or university) for less than 90 days. Since it is a form of a student visa, you need to leave the campus before the visa expiry date. However, this does not apply since the US Student Visa form does not restrict you from leaving after 90 days.

4. US Exchange Visitor Visa

This type of visa lets you stay in America for more than ninety days; however, it allows you to visit only one place and return home from there. This type of visa is issued to those participating in an exchange program with a foreign corporation or government.

5. US Temporary Resident Visa (H1B)

The H1B visa is issued to employees employed by a US company. This type of visa lets you work in America for an allotted period of up to six years unless it’s a sponsored program that allows you to work for less than six years.

6. O and P Non-Immigrant Visa

This type of visa is issued to scientists, researchers, and professors from other countries who wish to visit the United States temporarily for academic purposes. Its validity period is normally not less than one year but can be extended up to two years at the discretion of the US Department of State based on your purpose while staying in America.

USA Tourist Visa

The US Tourist Visa, also known as B1 visa, is issued to any foreigner visiting the United States within a period of less than six months. This visa is valid for three months after its issuance and can be extended up to six months, with possible multiple entry with the same visa.

It is granted depending on your reason for visiting America and can be obtained via courier service or in person at US Embassy or Consulate. Some examples of those who might be eligible for the US Tourist Visa are:

  • Business travelers who will stay in the country for less than 90 days.
  • Students who will study at an accredited educational institution (college or university) for less than 90 days.
  • Athletes who will compete in a sport tournament or championship.
  • Medical missionaries who will work in an accredited hospital or health care centre for less than 90 days.
  • Social workers traveling to perform community service.

The Documents Needed To Apply For a USA Tour With Visa From Ahmedabad

  1. Passport
  2. Proof of nationality (which may vary depending on the type of visa)
  3. Visa application form (if applicable)4. Photocopy of your passport (this is compulsory)
  4. Complete medical exam clearing form signed by a licensed doctor or surgeon and a photocopy of the same
  5. A personal reference letter from the person who is responsible for sponsoring you and his/her address, telephone number, and relationship to you such as business colleague, employer or family relative. 
  6. Attested copy of the applicant’s birth certificate for Indian national
  7. Proof of status in India (may vary depending on the type of visa)9. Proof of annual income such as bank statement, income tax return or any other document that certifies your financial worth such as a contract with a company, lease agreement , etc

USA is a safe and mesmerizing destination for everyone. A USA tour with Visa from Ahmedabad is all you need to get away from the city lights and treat yourself! 

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